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There are many online business websites in the internet. I hope my website can help anybody in their path to online success, especially for those of you who might come from a background where opportunities for growth are few and live in disadvantage. It is hard to change your way of living if you are lacking the resources needed and you are stuck in a traditional job. Let’s open the door for new and real opportunities. 

A Little Something About Who I Am

I am Carmen Ho, a daughter for 40 years, a wife for 5 years and a mother for 4 years – as of now 2019. 🙂 

I was born and grew up in Hong Kong and then I moved to Madrid with my Spanish husband and our little one in 2016.

At the same time, I have been an online marketer for over 10 years now. I work remotely for Hong Kong and US companies helping my Asia and Europe based clients deliver their important messages towards the right audiences, the ones that matter to them. Throughout all these years, I have deeply experienced how powerful the internet is and how I could positively influence people’s lives.

Internet has multiplied exponentially the amount of opportunities that we can access compare to anything in the past, even the recent past. We can reach a global audience all over the world.

Taping into this powerful tool means that people wanting to change their lives but lacking resources or opportunities in a traditional society/career choice/job-type can turn their life around like never before.

This is what you need: Internet access, read and write abilities, determination, consistency, commitment, a hardworking heart.

This is what you can get: Being your own boss, have your own successful online business, earn income online from a decent amount to tremendous figures. Isn’t it exciting?


Unlimited Possibilities for People with Limitations

At some point, what led you to this website is the desire for new opportunities. You are probably searching for a change, a new door if you will, one that can lead you to something unlike the traditional job market and your current job. Maybe you have a good salary, working for a big company where employee promotion is at least possible, but the truth is you spend so much time reporting and attending meetings that your actual work, the one you might really enjoy, becomes secondary. Or maybe you feel tired of office politics and wonder if you can build your own online business and be in charge from start to finish without having to ever report to someone else again.

It could be you are in your 30s or even 40s, what I call in the middle of everything so to speak: your job career, your family…etc. You know if you keep on working harder and longer hours, you could be promoted to a senior or C-level position, but this probably means sacrificing your family time and miss precious moments along the way. Many people deep down would rather spend quality relaxing time with their children but a competitive working environment, the need of increasing your knowledge or skills (seminars, training, workshops) to avoid being outdated usually means sacrificing your family time. It feels like being in the middle of everything. 

It could be you work as a nanny or a domestic helper. Your job is to take care of someone else’s children as you think how much you would enjoy having your own family. If you work full time taking care of children, how can you form a family of your own? You might have heard about online business opportunities and considered whether that could be the key to your change, find a way to earn money from your own house, at your own pace and allowing you to take care of your own children.

It could be you are stuck in a situation where you don’t have the luxury to find any new job, nor get promoted. You are stuck in one kind of job or similar, with a low wage year after year with no end in sight. The desire for a change of life is there but the society you live in hardly gives new opportunities.

It could be that due to some physical or health impairment your range of options become limited, forcing you to accept unfair salary conditions even if you can deliver as much as any person without a limitation. Or maybe a good job opportunity happens but the job environment such as accessibility for people with disabilities is not possible, making the hiring too complicated. People with some kind of impairment or disability or suffering from chronic conditions are fit for office work as any other but can suffer from inadequate job environment suitable for their condition.

Does it all sound familiar? These are real situations happening to real people all over the world and that includes me, and close friends and family of mine who have had to deal with situations like this all the time. In general, traditional job markets cannot adapt to people as described above. Some do, but most won’t be able to do it, reducing potential job opportunities by quite some margin. People in these situations are looking for a change, and now through online business that change can be more feasible than before. Here is a real chance.


More Than Just Online Business

My mission on creating this website is helping people to open new doors, maybe helping them to build their own door if you like. To build a door towards real tangible and potentially unlimited opportunities that their current life and conditions just wont allow.

My hope is not just to become your online business coach and help drive your success in online business. Further, I would like to contribute in making life changing stories happen, stories that can inspire other people around the world for change and for growth through effort and determination. If my website can help even one person to change his or her living standards, then I would feel fulfilled.

This journey is not a fairy tale, it’s not an effortless dream. It takes time to learn. There will be doubts and obstacles, but as you advance and you build up your effort and knowledge, deeper and deeper, you will see that this is all real, that you can be in full control and earn the rewards. Your hard work will pay off.

I am here to help. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave your comments below. Your questions could relate to other people like you and thus help each of us to know we are not alone. The comments we put together ultimately would become a powerful tool to connect and encourage each other. I am looking forward to starting this journey with you, Now.

All the best,

About Me - Carmen Ho - An Online Marketer
Carmen Ho


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