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Affiliate Program Review – Wealthy Affiliate Review (How does it work and Why it works)

Part 7: Coaching and Support System

Let’s continue to review Wealthy Affiliate Program in terms of Coaching and Support System.

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7. Coaching and Support System – Real Person to Tackle all the issues you could face in any step of your business

To run a good business, you need both hardware and software well-established. The same for online business. Only functional website with good content is not enough, you need connections to back you up, people in the industry and know the business but not as competitors, to support you when you have questions or doubts or just want to have encouragements. In Wealthy Affiliate you can find good companions to help you out whenever you need a hand.



Strong Community, Live Chat, Private Message tools for instant real-person help

Extremely useful for questions that is not related to the website and hosting issue which need IT technical staff to dive in to the websites for back end investigation. Members can post all kinds of frequently asked questions or any very personal questions related to your online business. The Live Chat is a very active place to get instant help and I am so amazed that people in Wealthy Affiliate community are so selfless, willing to share their knowledge and experience for anyone who raise for help.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

For me, I think one key to create this atmosphere is that the CEO Kyle and Carson treasure a lot the “helping” value, in many of the trainings, they often mention that a successful online business is always about how you can help your audience to make the best decision. And they truly embrace and walk out the “Helping” value, they both are very actively involved in the community, and always published post to give us updates what’s news in WA and encourage their members to do the same. You can even send a private message to the CEO Kyle or Carson, to get their real-person response.

Wealthy Affiliate - Expert Coaching for Free

Each premium member can get involve and be beneficial into this privilege community via 24/7 live chat and support, and even as a Free starter members, they can enjoy and experience the WA community in the first 7 days after sign up!



SiteComments and SiteFeedback – Unique System to Get Wealthy Affiliate Members Honest Feedback

Members can use these tools to ask for their website feedback among Wealthy Affiliate members and also to provide comments for their page or posts. They called it as a Pay-Forward system, meaning that while members need to pay WA credit to ask for comment or feedback, members can also earn credit directly by giving comment or feedback to others. At the same time, in order to maintain a safe and honest environment for people to gain credit through this helping system, WA is doing lots of work regularly to avoid any fraudulent behavior from people to get credit easily by giving low quality comments/ feedback or use any means to game the system. You can read one of the CEO Kyle’s post about their constant focus on improvement for SiteComments.

SUPER Affiliate Program – Super Affiliate Program – Free Couching from the CEO for real succeed

Start from 2018, Wealthy Affiliate announce their annual mentoring program called “Super Affiliate Program” for those affiliate marketer who promote Wealthy Affiliate membership. The goal is to help these members reach the 300 Premium Referral goal in a calendar year, in order to be invited to the WA incentive program “WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference”. This private conference is only for the 300-premium-referrals achievers and they will meet the 2 WA CEOs and other achievers during the conference. And all expenses will be all-paid by Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Program

This year the program start from 1st April 2019 until end of June 2020. Any members can apply to join the program but only for those members who can meet the main criteria as it is requested will be accepted. The accepted participants will get personal mentorship from the CEO Kyle directly in this special program for FREE, what they need to pay is a truly consistent hard work.

>> Click here and read more about the “Super Affiliate Program”.

Conclusion – Excellent Support Demonstrate the Spirit of Wealthy Affiliate

The community and the Super Affilate Program really demonstrate the helping spirit of WA. Helping each other to succeed is the culture and one of the core value in WA. Not like many other super mentoring programs in the market that would ask their members to pay an extra premium price to get into the direct mentor ship from their CEO (like one called “Wealthy Academy” which the CEO mentorship program is costing $10,000 to join). The beauty of the WA Super Affiliate Program is you cannot buy it with money. It is a completely FREE of charge. It is an absolutely priceless mentoring program that perfectly interpret their value in full.

And for that reason, I rate the Coaching and Support System 10 out of 10.

In the next section, the review is about the Cons and the Conclusion of Wealthy Affiliate.

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