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Affiliate Program Review – Wealthy Affiliate Review (How does it work and Why it works)

Part 3: Online Business Training Program

Let’s continue to review Wealthy Affiliate Program in terms of ONLINE TRAINING.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review |     1. What is Wealthy Affiliate? |   2. Program Simplicity and Transparency | 3. Online Business Training4. Website Development Platform5. Website Optimization Tools |   6. Website Maintenance Tools | 7. Coaching and Support | 8. The Cons & The Conclusion


3. Online Business Training Program – Real and Well Structured Educational Syllabus – From Beginners to Expert

Beginners – intermediate to expert – life-long never ending learning in Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a great online education website for anyone who would like to learn anything about online marketing. Thorough syllabus, their training is suitable for all levels, from beginners step by step learning all the basic to experts who want to keep the pace of most up-to-date market trends and changes. Their online training structure is well-organised and task oriented, at the end of each class, there are several “homework” you have to followed and complete before you go to the next.

Wealthy Affiliate - Education


For Total Beginner – 2 Basic Online Training Courses

1. “Online Entrepreneur Certification” Create a niche website that you are passionate about and earn money from it

This training is a set of 5 online course with 10 lessons for each, to teach member to find a niche to build their online business website, to create useful content that is under their passion, then refer their visitors to shopping site to buy products to earn commission from it.

2. “Affiliate Bootcamp” Create a website to promote Wealthy Affiliate and get commission

This training is a set of 7 online courses with 10 lessons for each. It is suitable for members don’t have any niche idea or plainly want to promote Wealthy Affiliate program. Members can learn all the knowledge and skills from basic to advanced level to earn revenue by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate in an effective and honest way. It lays out very clearly how much you can earn from promoting Wealthy Affiliate for both types of member, even for FREE Starter members can earn commission through this program as I mentioned in previous section.

For the above 2 trainings, all Premium members have full and unlimited access of all the online courses, while FREE starter members can access to the first basic course with 10 lessons from each training (total 20 lessons, which is good enough to learn and start their online business from having their very own website set up and running if they follow and complete all the tasks required.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Course

>> Click here to read the 2 basic online course full content (link to my another post later)


For Intermediate to Expert Online Marketer – Weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays)

Being an expert doesn’t mean there’s no more to learn. In fact, true expert probably know that their learning path is never going to end in this internet world, as the internet marketing is keep on evolving every moment and fast. Wealthy Affiliate provide weekly live classes to cover all the up-to-date hot and new topics that all related to your online business – how to get traffic via any new form of channels, each new year SEO guide, most update internet policy and how it influences us, google-youtube-facebook or any media algorithm updates. Below is a real screenshot for the weekly live classes from my Premium account,

Weekly Live Classes



Cons – Nothing is Perfect. So Does Wealthy Affiliate

Training Language – English Only

All the online course is in English only, there’s no other language support as voice over or subtitles. So, anyone who is not very good at English might have hard time to follow. However, each class would have a writing content so that you still can learn from it by some translation tools like Google Translate.

Live Training Webinar Time – US Time zone

All the weekly online live training is at US daytime, meaning if you are in Asia or in Europe, that could be not easy for you. Like I am in Spain and almost all the live training happen at my 2:00am in the morning. Wealthy Affilaite Premium Member Webinar

However, I could always listen the playback at anytime I want. 🙂

OK. Now we finish the review regards to Wealthy Affiliate online Education. In the next section, we will review the Website Buildup Platform that provided in Wealthy Affiliate – what Wealthy Affiliate use for website development, domain registration and hosting, what is the pros and cons.

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