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Affiliate Program Review – Wealthy Affiliate Review (How does it work and Why it works)

Part 2: Program TRANSPARENCY

Let’s continue to review Wealthy Affiliate Program in terms of TRANSPARENCY.

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2. Simple and Transparent Program/ Policy

First question for almost all people would ask is, “What is the online earning money idea in Wealthy Affiliate and how to achieve it?” So, here I would like review this first.

Become a Wealthy Affiliate


It is SIMPLE – 4 steps to Earn Money Online

PRACTICAL Way to Earn Money ethically – Content Oriented Online Business – Affiliate Marketing

The basic 4 steps of earning money online (Only One way WA to teach you earn money online)

Focus on a niche that you are passionate about. Build a website with rich content that get top search engine ranking to bring highly relevant visitors to your website. Provide valuable message that help your visitors to solve their problems by referring them to a shopping page to buy what they need. When they complete the online shopping process, you earn commission! A win-win situation. You earn money from referring people to a shopping cart site to complete the buying process, that is call affiliate marketing.

No tricks, no shortcut, no hidden secret or magic. Wealthy Affiliate only teach and encourage their members a very practical way to earn money, with hard work, consistency, effort. It is like running an online shop, you are selling something you are interested, refer the buyer directly to the seller to buy the product you recommend, but the beauty is you no need to pay a rental space to keep any stock, create or to buy any products to sell, worry about the inventory, expiry date of the product, to deal with all the logistic and payment transaction issues.

HIGH TRANSPARENCY – 2 Types of Membership. Free or Premium

Only two types of membership with clear list of content – NO Hidden and Extra Cost afterwards. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

I joined WA in 2016 as annual Premium Members and the price haven’t been changed, and I truly get all the access mentioned in the website.

>> Click here for the details list of Premium members

So, What You Can Do with Wealthy Affiliate Memberships?


Start your online business – earn money in Practical and ethical way in Wealthy Affiliate

All types of members can learn and set up their online business website to earn money in 2 ways –

1. To choose a niche that is passionate for you and develop a website to build content around it and earn money as affiliate marketer. Even you are a Free Starter member, you can get all the basic skill set and tools you need to open your first online business website and get it up and running.

2. To join their Wealthy Affiliate Referral program and earn money when your referral become a Premium member. Both free starter and premium member can earn money from this program but in different rate –

  • Premium Members: for each referral become Premium Member, they earn USD8 from the first month USD19 special offer membership fee, then USD23.50/month and USD175/year.
  • Starter Members: for each referral become Premium Member, they earn USD4 from the first month USD19 special offer membership fee, then USD11.75 monthly and USD87.50 yearly commissions.

Conclusion: Simple, High Transparency Online Business Platform

That is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate – EASY and TRUSTWORTHY.

Either join it for free or as premium member, you really get what you would have as it describes for 2 types of members and their training programs.

I am a premium member since 2016 and I am paying the same price every year, enjoy all the access that Wealthy Affiliate website provides, no extra cost to unlock any function or anything. And the most important thing is, the owners always encourage people to earn money in ethical but sustainable way. They don’t sell any impossible dream but hard work.

And further more, it provides all the tools that every affiliate marketers need to be succeed, which I will walk through in details in the next few sections of this review.

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