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Affiliate Program Review – Wealthy Affiliate Review (How does it work and Why it works)

Part 4: Website Development Platform

Let’s continue to review Wealthy Affiliate Program in terms of Website Buildup Platform.

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4. Website Buildup Platform – Comprehensive Website Development Tools for High Conversion

A great place to bring what you have learnt from the training into practice and bring business to another level. Wealthy Affiliate provides every single tools in details but ease of use for their members to build a professional website that can highly convert. Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools in regard to website development, and I will give my insight and review for some features that worth to highlight.

Wealthy Affiliate - Website Development Tools - SiteRubix


SiteDomain – A Powerful Domain Search Engine and Registration

Domain name is like an online shop address that where is your online shop (the website) is. To register a domain for your websites is an essential first step for your online business. It is like a property that can cost varied, a good one can cost thousands or even millions (think about how much it would cost you if you want to buy a domain ““). However, unlike real estate, you can create your own domain which doesn’t exist before and then to pay for a domain registration fee to claim your “online land”.

The SiteDomain in Wealthy Affiliate is a powerful tool to help members to find and register any new domain name that best fit to their online business. Furthermore, what makes Wealthy Affiliate Domain Name Registration Service so outstanding is the price – the lowest price you pay in the market but you will get the most in the market.

Wealthy Affiliate Domain Hosting Comparison

As a Free starter member, you can build and own 2 your desire domain websites with 4 wordpress themes you can choose for FREE via WA, or you can build 25 and own your free websites with over 4k wordpress themes you can choose as Premium member.


If you already have your domain, they provide option to transfer their domain to WA, or to point domains registered outside of Wealthy Affiliate to WA Servers and host your websites. All website host at WA server can enjoy all the beneficial functions that offer from WA, e.g. Daily Website Backups, 24/7/365 Website Technical support, hosting speed of Amazon c3.large (faster), Enterprise Security level, unlimited email accounts set up, even to serve your website over 256-bit Encrypted Connections (HTTPS) and do it at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE!


SiteBuilder – A Step by Step Guide to Build a Website in 30 Seconds

Wealthy Affiliate provide 3 easy steps to build a websites with a domain name registration. You can build your website via 3 different ways – on a free domain, on a domain you own, register a new domain. The website builder is powered by SiteRubix, a powerful website development platform which enable users to build websites that are responsive and adapt to any screen size – in 30 seconds.

There are thousands of professionally designed WordPress website themes to choose from with just easy one click, and you can switch one theme to another easily if later you want to have new change. As a Free starter member, you can build and own 2 your desire domain websites with 4 wordpress themes you can choose for FREE via WA, or you can build 25 and own your free websites with over 4k wordpress themes you can choose as Premium member.

And one big feature is, any website build or host through SiteRubix would be protected from hacking, spam, malware, and malicious activity that ALL websites are susceptible to.

Wealthy Affilaite - Website 3 steps



SiteManager – One Stop Review & Manage Website Performance

All basic data related to your website and health status – it shows when is the last backup, last updates, monitoring for database, malware & virus monitoring, filesystem, Hacking & Intrusion and site performance, number of page with Google index, which wordpress version your site is using, any pending comments etc. A convenience summary report to know the every technical aspect of your website just with a glance.

The most useful part for me is the “Site Health” section, it provides real time monitoring and recommendations that you have to work on to improve your site. It is not easy to keep the website in healthy stage and as the content volume grow bigger and bigger, sometimes there’s a technical blind spot that could be missed out but potentially can hurt the site ranking. This “Site Health” monitoring is very helpful in this respect.



SiteContent – Ultimate Writing Platform for All Writers

SiteContent in Wealthy Affiliate includes features that will help you simplify your writing, improve accuracy via Grammar Check, increase efficiency by instant Words/ Paragraphs and Headings Counting. You can set writing goals and with % to show the progress of meeting goals. Several default templates are provided and you can build your own template for similar content structure post. It provides a centralized place to organize all of your writings in ease. After you complete your writing, you can launch it directly by just clicking the “Publish” button. You get what you type exactly the same in SiteContent.

>> Click here for the full details of SiteContent Walkthrough


Cons – Nothing is Perfect. So Does Wealthy Affiliate

SiteContent – with internet access only

The only thing to complain about Wealthy Affiliate Website Development Tools is for their SiteContent, this is an online tool, meaning that you cannot write and save it offline. Not like word document that you can write and save offline.

Conclusion: WA provides all the tools you need to succeed from your online business website, from front end building the website layout website domain registration and hosting, to back end safety, backup, server speed…etc, so you can be care free to focus on what matters to you, the website content.


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