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Affiliate Program Review – Wealthy Affiliate Review (How does it work and Why it works)

Part 5: Website Optimization Tools

Let’s continue to review Wealthy Affilaite Program in terms of Website Optimization Tools.

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5. Website Optimization Tools – Improvement Software Widgets to Accelerate the Speed to Succeed

For members already learn and have their initial website set up, the key for succeed is keep on improving the website, one essential factor is to constantly provide useful and original content that Google can rank it high to bring high volume of visitors that matters. In order to do so, Wealthy Affiliate implemented the most relevant and effective widgets to their website for their members to win the business. In this section, I will highlight some key ones and give review for each.


Jaaxy – the BEST and POWERFUL Keyword Research Tool

Find keywords and niche idea that can highly rank and convert, with real time true data support

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a keyword research and analyze tool that was developed by affiliate marketers and thus specific FOR affiliate marketers. It offers accurate real time keywords ranking, site ranking, traffic status, keywords competition, domain name suggestions and many more insightful data that every affiliate marketers need. Their keywords search analysis tool cover 99.7% of search engines result. This is even more powerful than Google Keywords Planner as it only covered its own property but not the 2nd and the 3rd largest search engines in the world that cannot miss (Yahoo and Bing).



Details and Power Competitive index for each keywords search and more

It provides very important index to evaluate each searched keywords value, such as

  • Monthly average number of search for that keyword
  • Number of visits that the searched keyword can bring to your website if you achieve first page rankings in search engines.
  • Quoted Search Result -the number of competing websites ranked in Google for an exact keyword.
  • Keyword Quality Indicator
  • SEO score and more



Alphabet Soup – Neverends keywords idea that rank

One of their special feature,”Alphabet Soup” is a powerful yet unique niche research tool, to reveal niche idea with competitive information and trends evaluation, enable to help thousands of users to decide which could be their possible niche website theme can lead to a good amount of traffic and easily to be rank high in any search engines.

Jaaxy - Alphabet Soup



SiteRank – Real time keywords ranking for your website in Google, Yahoo and Bing

Another special feature “SiteRank” enable users to know their website real time ranking among Google, Yahoo and Bing, up and down trends, how it ranks compare to competitors and why they rank higher than yours, so that you can learn from it to improve your own to get a real high ranking.

Screenshot SiteRank from Jaaxy official website

Screenshot SiteRank from Jaaxy official website

NOTE: Since December 12, 2017, Jaaxy is Now the Official Keyword Tool of Wealthy Affiliate – for both Starter and Premium members.

What that means: Members no need to login to Jaaxy to use their function, it is build-in the Wealthly Affiliate website.

Below is the screenshot to show the available Jaaxy functions for Wealthy Affiliate Premium member:

Jaaxy Version for Premium Member


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Plugins to Optimize your SEO Ranking and Site Speed

2 Free powerful Default Plugin to help all types of members’ websites to succeed

SEO is essential to get free website traffic while image size could influence your site loading time, ultimately affect your site ranking and user experience. Just for these two areas, there are tons of WordPress plugins available which could be a headache to choose wisely. Wealthy Affiliate carefully select 2 high reputation, powerful and easy to use plugins which is also ads free, safe from spam and malware, to install by default for any members website hosting at their server. They are:

1) All In One SEO Pack (4.4 rating from 431 votes in WordPress)

It is the original WordPress SEO plugin with over 50 millions download since 2007. Features like XML Sitemaps, SEO for custom post types, SEO for blogs or business sites, SEO for e-commerce sites, and much more. The default lite version is good enough for beginners to medium level online marketers.

WordPress Plugin - All In One SEO Pack



2) EWWW Image Optimizer (4.4 rating from 360 votes in WordPress)

It will automatically optimize new images that you upload, it can also optimize all the images that you have already uploaded, and optionally convert your images to the best file format and to the smallest yet good quality size.
EWordPress Plugin - WWW Image Optimizer

Cons: Nothing is Perfect. So Does Wealthy Affiliate

Jaaxy – Only Support English Characters

Jaaxy only support Alphabet/English characters, so, that means it cannot support for website or keywords in Chinese, Japanese, Korean.. etc not in English characters. The other limitation is in terms of geographic data assessment, all the data provided is worldwide, there’s no way to know the data by country.

To solve these 2 issues, you would need other online tools like Google Keywords Planner which is free, though it is less powerful and all the result is only limited to Google Search Engine.

Because of this, I rate the Website Optimization Tools 9 out of 10.

In the next section, the review is about Website Maintenance Tools – How secure to host website in Wealthy Affiliate? How well is their server and the frequency of the website backup? How’s their website technical support – the fee, response time, etc.

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