The Cons and The Conclusion for Wealthy Affiliate Review

For me, as an online affiliate marketing program, Wealthy Affiliate is almost perfect, but still I can find some cons, as I mentioned in almost each section of my review. But let me give you a summary here for your convenience.

Affiliate Program Review – Wealthy Affiliate Review (How does it work and Why it works) 

Part 8: The Cons and The Conclusion

Let’s continue to review Wealthy Affiliate Program, the last part – The Cons and The Conclusion.

Review Content List

Wealthy Affiliate Review |     1. What is Wealthy Affiliate? |   2. Program Simplicity and Transparency3. Online Business Training |    4. Website Development Platform |     5. Website Optimization Tools |   6. Website Maintenance Tools | 7. Coaching and Support | 8. The Cons & The Conclusion

The cons – Nothing is Perfect. So Does Wealthy Affiliate

For me, as an online affiliate marketing program, Wealthy Affiliate is almost perfect, but still I can find some cons, as I mentioned in almost each section of my review. But I still would like to summarize it up here for your convenience.


Language barrier – all in English

The whole website is in English and all the training are in English only. So, it is limited to people if they are not English speakers. However, their 24/7 community online support is run by members and ambassadors all over the world. I still can type in my first language which is Traditional Chinese and get help. 🙂

Their free keyword research tool Jaaxy is also only support English alphabet. That means you cannot do keyword research there for Chinese, Korean, Japanese ..etc which is not in English alphabet. However, no need to be panic. In the online course, it will also walk you through for some other free keywords search tools that can support other alphabet. For example one famous is Google Keywords Planner. So, you still can apply what you learned and built up a website using your own language other than English. 🙂

WordPress only

Their free website template is WordPress. So, if you are not a fan of wordpress website designers, then, either you have to adapt it or you have to use your favorite tools to build your website outside WA. However, they allow you to move your website content/ domain to their platform, so that you still can continue enjoy all the benefits from hosting website in Wealthy Affiliate without using WordPress. (e.g. 24 hours website back up, change to https, security check, malware scan and prevention.. etc.)

It is not the fastest way to earn money

If you are looking for a ZERO time and effort investment and to gain money in a lightening speed, then, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not for you. But if you are looking for earning money online with a very limited budget you can put or even Zero money you can afford, and at the same time you are willing to invest your effort and time in regular basis, then, please consider Wealthy Affiliate seriously, it will be a good fit for you. In Wealthy Affiliate, you cannot find any shortcut to succeed but they assure that hard work will pay you back if you follow their way to run the online business. Hard work and dedication is what you need to have a sustainable and honest succeed online business.

Conclusion – 360° All Round Cover Online Business Education and Business Development program

Wealthy Affiliate Program is worth for all level

If you are a completely total beginner with doubts but want to give a first try to experience how to earn money online, join Wealthy Affiliate as a FREE starter member to get the first taste. No credit card. No Sensitive information. Just your name and email address. There’s no time limit on Free starter membership, you can learn and try things out as long as you wish until you figure out if that online business is your thing, before you take next further serious step.

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If you are something in the middle, not completely new but you’ve already tried out some other online earning programs such as some MLM (Multi-level marketing) or to open an online shop as direct distributor. These programs could be built up really fast if you have a broad network and if the company’s products/ service is really good to keep moving their customers to repeat the buying cycle (e.g. Amway for broad line of useful and high quality products, Young Living for essence oil). Otherwise, the more people you get them into the game, the more you would feel that you are “using” them to build up your business by selling a dream rather than selling any meaningful things for real to help them, and your referrals are going to do the same. You want to have a change to help people in more practical way and earn sustainable money at the same time. Or the program you joined is good and practical but just you have to keep on to pay extra to unlock the more advanced tools/ software to go to next level and you are tired of this never ending unlock-paying system. If that is you, I would recommend you to give Wealthy Affiliate a chance, register as a FREE Starter member, check their online training, try their tools, learn more the facilities and capacity of it, talk in the community, read the real experience share by real members, to see if it is true for the fix price you pay you can have all the access they mentioned. And you will find that real and down to earth it is, how difference it could be from what you are doing.

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If you are an experienced online marketer, you would fall in love with Wealthy Affiliate quickly when you first start as a FREE membership, and probably you will upgrade to their Premium membership real quick, as when you see what Wealthy Affiliate offers for their Premium Membership, you know that you are paying much less than what you are going to get. Why I know? I am one of them. I work for online advertisement field as my full time job for over 10 years, I am an account manager and media buyer/ planner to help my clients to run and optimize online ads and manage with third parties to monitor their websites development process. So I know what Wealthy Affiliate offer to their premium membership is truly amazing, it is just so thoughtful and careful pick all the practical things that all the online marketers are needed. I upgrade almost at once when I go through their 2 basic online training course outline, and read the full list of the website hosting, server facility, default website plugin, software installed for website safety and optimization, and all other supporting tools I will have if I join their premium membership. The membership fee is truly a fix price, no hidden cost you have to pay for. And what it costs you is far beyond what you are going to get.

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Wealthy Affiliate is yet a go-to serious program for earning money online for long run ethically.

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I did join some scam programs which disappointed me a lot. But then, I am very blessed that I found Wealthy Affiliate in 2016. It is still so far my #1 recommended program for running an online business that is pay off by making your own effort. You get what you input. And that’s all I have to say for my review. Thank you for the patience to read it through until the end here. I hope my full Wealthy Affiliate review with insight for every aspect can help you to make wise decision you need.

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